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All treatments include a consultation, assessment and after care advice.

Foot Treatments:

A cone shaped build up of skin which can become painful and lead to complications such as ulcers. Can impact your gait.

 Caused by the HPV virus, Often affect children. Can be painful and are common in communal activity eg gyms, swimming pools etc

Often appears as unsightly, thick and discoloured nail. We supply effective EMTRIX – not available in pharmacies.

Thickened skin that has built up as a result of friction and / or pressure. If left untreated, can cause much discomfort

Excessive callus and dry skin formation that has cracked creating painful fissures that can become infected

A unpleasant fungal skin condition often presents as inflamed, irritated areas eg between toes and on soles.

Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition caused by stretching of tissue in the sole. An orthotic can help relieve the pain.

It is vital that patients with diabetes are seen regularly as they are more prone to serious foot complications.

There are numerous conditions that can adversely affect nails. We can help manage them to retain your independence

Hard skin is often dry skin that loses its suppleness; as a result it is more prone to painful breaks (fissures) and infection and causes pain when pressure is applied sometimes when walking


Any  issues or excessive symptoms of any of the above conditions beside conducting the 45 min  Foot Treatment,  then the price will vary or another appointment will be issued.

Foot Care Treatment

30-45 minutes

  • Consultation
  • Feet Assessment
  • Toe Nails Cut and Burred
  • Hard Skin Removed
  • Corns removed
  • Cuticles cleaned
  • Underneath nail plate cleaned
  • Bottom of feet pad filed to remove dead skin cells 
  • A mini foot massage to improve circulation 
  • Aftercare advice
  • (During the assessment, if added treatment such as ingrowing toenail or verrucae treatment is needed then a further booking is required.)
Foot Care Treatment Plus Massage
All the above, plus a massage from knee to feet with Aromatherapy oils. Helps to reduce stiffness of the muscles, improve circulation leaving you feeling so relaxed
From Knee to Feet
Massage with Aromatherapy oils 👣
Toe nail cutting ( Nail cut and file only)
Toe nail cutting and filing only
Neck, Shoulder & Back Massage (with aromatherapy oils)
45 mins
The strains and stresses of life and work can really leave our muscles feeling tight, sore and painful. Different massaging techniques will help loosen muscles to allow correct posture and movement leaving you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.
Aloe Vera Treatment
50 mins

Relaxing and cool and soothing treatment for those with excess dry feet and cracked heels. There are so many benefits to using 100% Aloe Vera Gel because with its healing and antiseptic properties  it acts as a barrier to protect from damaged, painful and cracked skin which in time could cause painful sores or infection.

Dead skin is gently removed  with exfoliating disc and the Aloe Vera is applied with a brush for even coverage, then sealed up with cling film and left on for 15 mins. This helps the  Aloe Vera absorbed into the skin. A  massage is applied to aid in the circulation of the feet.

Recommendation of 5 treatments is required to feel the full benefits of the treatment

Toe Nail Reconstruction
From £15+
Approx 20 mins minimum

Do you have excess damaged nails due to fungal infection, brittle, trauma or nail injuries? The procedure is painless and very effective way to restore and replace  nails that can give you the confidence to show off your toes.


The length of time that the nail reconstruction lasts will vary from person to person depending on the condition of your natural nail. At some point you may have to return to have the nail removed and another one applied due to changes to nail. We find once you’ve had it done you will be so pleased with the result you won’t be without it.


This is NOT the same as going to a nail salon and having extensions or acrylic nail attached. The products used are  gentle which enhances the feel of a “natural nail” so there’s no excessive pressure to the nail bed. Please check the website for before and after pictures from satisfied clients.


Prices vary depending on the condition and the size of the nail so all information will be discussed at your consultation.


45 mins

Reflexology is a holistic and complementary therapy involving the treatment of various disorders by applying pressure to certain points on the feet. Precise areas of the feet relate to particular parts of the body. The whole body can be treated via these points, which are called ‘reflex areas’.


In addition to deep relaxation, reflexology may help to restore lost balance for clients who may be struggling with:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Headaches and migraines
  • IBS and digestive disorders
  • Hormonal changes due to menopause
  • Tension due to neck, shoulder or back problems
  • This treatment will leave you so rejuvenated and relaxed.

Recommendation of 5 treatment  is required

Recommendation of 5 treatments is required to feel the full benefits of the treatment

Wax Treatments

Honey wax is such a fantastic method of removal of unwanted hair, which has so many benefits for the skin, with regrowth so much finer; leaving the skin much softer. The treatment is painless as the skin is held taut throughout treatment, and wax is removed with wax strips. The results are amazing!

  • Bikini – From £19
  • 1⁄2 Leg Wax (Under Knee To Ankle) – £20
  • Full leg wax- £34
  • Eyebrows – £11
  • Upper Lip & Chin – £19
  • Full Face (Including Eyebrows) – £25
  • Full Arm – £19
  • Half Arm – £14
  • Under Arm – £16
  • Full Leg Wax – From £35
  • Underarm – From £19
  • Shoulder & Back – From £41
  • Chest – From £33
  • Ab Section – From £23
  • Chest & Ab Section – From £40
  • Fingers & Toes – From £17
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